Byron Donalds for FL-19 ! Will you join me in supporting him?



This being my FIRST Diary Entry I would like to make this entry in response to the above article where the author has endorsed CHAUNCEY GOSS for FL-19.

I have made the following PUBLIC ENDORSEMENT and ask that you join me in supporting Byron Donalds.

David Osborne, Florida Leader of GOOOH, Tallahassee

“I endorse Byron Donalds with a high level of enthusiasm. I am the Florida leader for GOOOH, as a resident of Tallahassee I do not participate in the candidate selection process in Southwest Florida District 19. I’ve watched Byron Donalds since he was chosen by his fellow competitors as the Citizen’s Choice there. I’ve reviewed videos taken during the candidate selection process. I have come to know Byron more throughout his campaign, and met him in person at the Florida Parent Educator’s Association Convention. I now understand why he is BY FAR the best candidate in this race. This is the first election where GOOOH has successfully vetted candidates. Byron will be a shining example for other GOOOH peer-selected candidates to follow. I look forward to having a GOOOH peer selected candidate in all 27 districts of Florida in 2014, hopefully of the caliber of Byron Donalds.”


David C. Osborne
Tallhassee, Florida
(850) 933-8511