Gov. Sarah Palin for RNC Chair

Okay, I haven’t a clue if Gov. Palin would even consider the post of RNC Chair if it was offered to her, but in my humble opinion, it should be at least offered. Let’s face it, we got beat in this last election. When you get beat, the strategic thing to do is to withdraw, reform your base, map out your political stance, and allow your opponent’s political fallout to restrengthen your next election effort. Because the key to this strategy is reforming your base, I can think of no other person best suited to accomplish this task than Gov. Sarah Palin.

Let me say this again: unless we reform our base, we will not be politically successful in the 2010 elections. The one person who has clearly demonstrated an amazing ability to do just that is Gov. Sara Palin. If you don’t believe me, just as Sen. Saxby Chambliss

ex animo