Is being a Birther really irrational?

During his press conference today, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated that “rational people” have made up their mind about President Obama’s citizenship.  Thereby he inferred that anyone who hasn’t is irrational.  In making this statement, Mr. Gibbs made a fatal error.  It wasn’t in calling 43% of the electorate irrational which is what he did.  No, like many others he added to the controversy by referring to it as citizenship and not Natural Born Citizenship.

The President’s citizenship isn’t even in question as Chris Matthews alluded to on his show on Dec 27th of last year.  Matthews made the distinction (finally) that the controversy was over the President’s failure to release records, most notably his original birth certificate and not the digital certificate of live birth he offered.  I don’t want to get into the specifics of this as I don’t wish to engage in the silliness that is soon to follow.  Instead, I would like to just focus on the statement the press secretary made of calling people that want further clarification irrational.

Call me a “Birther” Mr. Gibbs.  It’s okay.  I can handle it.  I’m not afraid of your labels or your snarky remarks.  I personally think it’s perfectly rational to put matters of controversy to rest.  I think it’s perfectly rational to know everything we can about the man who holds our country at his whims.  I think asking for more information and not less is a good thing.  As a matter of transparency, I’d like the President to do what’s right by the nation and put this controversy to rest.

He should release his long form birth certificate.  There is no harm in doing so no matter what you say.  If for no other reason than to say, “I told you so.”

Release his college transcripts from Occidental and Columbia, if for no other reason than to prove his worth.  We know him well enough now to not hold his grades against him.

Release all pertinent information as it relates to his person.  Any rational person, holding the office of President of the United States wouldn’t want 43% of the people unsure he was legally capable of doing so.  Even Chris Matthews understands that.

At the very least, we can move forward and talk about his performance as President instead.