The Tea Party playbook of the left.

This is part 3 of the fear playbook of the left and this is a big one.

It was amazing what I heard on the news last year.  Those Tea Partiers all over the news, giving the liberal establishment fits.  The collective heads at MSNBC were spinning fast enough to stop global warming (oh wait, that’s a left fear tactic too). 

It all started with the Healthcare rallies.  The news organizations tried to minimalize it by not giving them any press or underestimating the size of crowds to a 10th of what they were.  Liberal congressmen returned to their districts and began holding town halls to show their concern for their local constituents and shouting matches began as angry citizens crowded halls demanding answers of their elected officials.  The angry faces soon had a name and that name is the Taxed Enough Already.

This election cycle the left will go back to their playbook and try to paint the good people who make up the Tea Parties as radicals, angry white racists, misinformed, frustrated by the economy or maybe even try to just ignore them again when the time comes and if you are one of the many, there is only one way to handle the criticism you are sure to feel.  Personalize it. 

When someone you know repeats what they’ve heard in the media, just personalize it.  When they talk about tea partiers being angry do what I did  and stand up for what you believe.  Just say, “But I agree with them.”

“Yes”, they’ll say. “But have you seen the people that go to those rallies and the signs they hold up?”

“I’ve been to those rallies.” I answer. “Though I went for the speeches, not the signs.”

“It’s really just the rich that are against it.” They’ll then argue as they repeat the lines they’ve been fed.

“I’m against it and I’m far from rich.” I answer.  “I’ll never be rich if the government keeps spending my money like this and neither will you.”

Personalize it.  Show them someone they know that agrees.  Their lives are probably full of people they know, love and trust who a part of that crowd they were taught to fear.

It’s the left’s design to pit us against them, black vs white, rich vs. poor, man vs. woman, religious vs not.  If you enter the fight letting them define the terms by using their labels, you are doomed to failure.  But when you eliminate the labels exploited by the media you only get citizen discussing with fellow citizen.  When you do that, conservative values win over liberal fear every time.