The Healthcare playbook of the Left

I absolutely hate going to the doctor.  I don’t just dislike it.  I’m not just uncomfortable.  I hate it.  I’m on display in the waiting room.  I’m taking a test filling out the patient information sheet.  I fail miserably at tying that floppy piece of cloth they call a robe behind me.  I abhore it.  I hate having to rejuggle my checkbook because I’m only guessing if I try to figure out what it’s going to cost.  But most of all, I hate that it’s necessary and the person I’m paying, giving my sheet too, stepping on the scale for and extending my right arm to is in essence typically a very kind, thoughtful person who likes helping people and who doesn’t deserve my hate.  So instead of venting, I just stew.  The left knows I hate it.  They know most every American hates it and they love that we hate it.

It is no small coincidence that the Left used every trick in the book to get healthcare legislation passed last  year.  Do they honestly believe it will make your life better? No!!!  Everyone knows it will not.  But one thing it will do is make you dependent.  You’ll need it and the government will control it.  It sounds like I’m the one playing the fear game now but if you don’t believe me, just look at Medicare and Medicaid.  “This will solve all our seniors problems!” they yelled.  “It’s insurance to care for you when you are most in need.  We just need a few pennies of your paycheck.” they told us.  Now years later, every election you hear it.  “Republicans will take away your medicaid if you don’t vote for me!!!”.  You could just make a generic buildboard and plaster that all over Florida with a fill in the picture slot for the local democrat.  The ads are all the same.  They played the fear game to get it passed and this election cycle they will play it again to stop its repeal.

Republicans at every level need to resist the urge to defend their actions when it comes to repealing Healthcare reform.  They need to not tone down their rhetoric but instead need to ratchet it up.  They need to take it to the opposition and they need to hit this hard.  How do they do that?  There is only one thing Grandma fears for more than for herself and that is her Grandchildren.  If I were running a campaign ad next fall about healthcare, it would go something like this.


The scene would open with that prospect candidate standing infront of a classroom zero’d in on just their face and slowly panning out. It should look as though they are holding a town hall meeting. The oratory would go as follows:

“That’s a good question John.  I know you’re concerned about your health.  We all are but John, I just couldn’t stand by and let my children and grandchildren be straddled with the costs of another government program that is inefficient and runs up the deficit.  It’s our children and our children’s children that will pay for this program in higher unemployment, higher taxes and more government intrusion in their lives.  I just couldn’t let my legacy be, that I voted for a bad program just because I thought I might get a few more votes by lying and calling it free health care.”

The camera would then pan around to the back of the candidates head to reveal he’s talking to a room of 2nd graders with one who has his hand raised.

“Mr. (insert candidate name here), you mean I have to pay for something my grandparents did.”

Another child turns to him and whispers, “We already are!”


If we don’t stop this bill this cycle, it will be used in the cycle of fear for decades to come.