Liberal education and separation of church and state.

Why is it that people who have so much in common can get so bent out of shape at each other when it comes to separation of church and state and religious freedoms?

For the better part of a year now I have been discussing politics and religion with a couple of friends of mine.  On the political spectrum, both of them are middle of the road with liberal tendencies and highly educated and that is where the divide begins. 

It’s not the first time I’ve discussed these issues.  I’ve been writing and learning about the topic for years.  But when talking to these two friends, their insistance on framing the founding fathers as antireligious is almost worthy of it’s own youtube video.  On target, time and again, I’ve heard the same arguments over and over that I’ve heard my whole life.  The founders were Deists they decry.  They couldn’t agree on anything.  They didn’t want a country ruled by religion.  Thomas Paine wrote a book against organized religion.  Jefferson rewrote the Bible.

The problem with each of these arguments is that they are talking points.  Go ahead, search the phrases I just posted.  You’ll see them.  Liberal site after liberal site with the same messages repeated and in the most boring of ways.  Where do they get this stuff?  Argue with your liberal, educated friends long enough (I did) and you’ll eventually find out.  “Well in college we learned…..”

When getting ready to send your children off to school, remember this.  Parents, it’s your job to tell them the truth.  There is no need to get philosophical if you just know the truth and so, here it is.

In 1776, there were many religions in the colonies based on the Judeo/Christian God: Church of England, Baptists, Presbyterians, Episcopals, Catholics, Puritans, Quakers, Judaism, personal Deists and many more.  But there was no church of Islam, church of Buddha or the cathedral of Lucifer.  When organizing the colonies into this nation, it never entered into the minds of the founders that their idea of not having an official denomination for the nation would be used to allow for the defaming of a picture of Jesus by calling it art, the canceling of prayer at graduations, the removal of the ten commandments, navity scenes, God’s name from any official government site.  These men voted on and approved using the Capitol Building as an assembly hall for church meetings, approved legislation to convert the Indians, wrote into the charter of Virginia that all other religions were false religions and discussed it as a very way of life.  There only purpose in the phrase, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” was nothing more than a way to make sure there was no official denomination.  The founders never dreamed that America would be anything but a Christian Nation and so to them it went without saying.

But when you send your child off to school, remember this is not what they will learn.  They’ll learn that Jeffereson rewrote the Bible, not that he did it to simplify it for the Indians.  They’ll learn that Benjamin Franklin stopped attending church regularly, not that he continued to donate to the building of churches in Philadelphia and instead chose to study privately.

They’ll learn to argue with people like you one day and they’ll learn to do it at school. Take the time to learn the whole truth about our heritage and then share it with your children.