Hal Heiner owes me an apology

When I asked Hal Heiner last year to help with the effort to stop ObamaCare in Kentucky, he looked at me like I didn’t have any Grey Poupon.

That wasn’t really a problem; having people look down their nose at you from time to time is just part of the deal. But Heiner’s continued insistence that he would do nothing to get Kentucky out of ObamaCare (here and here) if he were elected Governor is personally very offensive to me. And if you are a conservative, it should be offensive to you too.

Today, his latest refusal to help is printed in the Bowling Green Daily News.

You can read Heiner’s latest doublespeak for yourself if you want, but keep in mind he seems to be counting on you not understanding that our next Governor has it in his power to shut down Kentucky’s state run ObamaCare exchange and the only real reason for not doing so is not wanting to be criticized by Democrats.

I have poured way too much time, energy and money into fighting ObamaCare in Kentucky to sit quietly now while some politician plays games with our future. I’m waiting for an apology from Heiner. As a RedState reader, you surely deserve to demand one too.