Only one Kentucky candidate to reverse ObamaCare

Kentucky must shut down its ObamaCare exchange and GOP gubernatorial candidate Will T. Scott will do that on his first day in office, making him the only candidate holding this position.
“The only thing we get out of surrendering on ObamaCare is Barack Obama’s appreciation,” Scott said. “My primary opponents already gave up that fight last summer telling the Chamber of Commerce what they wanted to hear. I got in this race to provide leadership, not to go with the flow. The only thing we are getting out of a state-run ObamaCare exchange is the privilege of paying for it. When we shut ours down, the feds will come in and pay for the whole thing. And if the U.S. Supreme Court rules against Obama this summer, the law falls apart completely for the three dozen states without a state exchange. If I’m elected, we will be one of them.”
“I say ‘no ObamaCare today, no ObamaCare tomorrow, no ObamaCare ever.'”