Were 280,000 Kentuckians abducted by aliens?

The initial group of Kentucky citizens forced off their health insurance by ObamaCare have less than two weeks left to sign up on Kynect to avoid a lapse in coverage on January 1.

Where the hell are they?

“Kentucky’s media is missing the story of the unaffordability of the “Affordable Care Act” in addition to missing the story about Gov. Beshear illegally and ill-advisedly throwing us into the worst part of this mess,” said tea party activist David Adams. “If all these people are herded up and put into ObamaCare, I wonder how many will wind up on Medicaid and it makes a big difference financially whether its old Medicaid or new Medicaid. Shut down Kynect and drop the Medicaid expansion nonsense and we are a big step away from the worst of this disaster.”

The 2014 General Assembly must address not only Beshear’s unconstitutional Medicaid administration expenditures that start January 1, it must also find significant funds for Medicaid in the next budget and fund Kynect in addition to ratifying Beshear’s executive order creating it. Legislators are less likely to do these things than they are to be picked up by the next spaceship passing by our planet.

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