Kentucky taxes truth-telling on ObamaCare

Humana sent letters out to health insurance customers in Kentucky this summer warning them that ObamaCare will cause their premiums to explode upward in January and advising them how to limit harm to their personal finances caused by radical left-wing politicians. The Kentucky Department of Insurance fined Humana $65,000 in August for their efforts, in every way punishing them for telling the truth.

Gov. Steve Beshear has repeatedly violated state law to ram through ObamaCare, by creating an ObamaCare “exchange” at state taxpayer expense without legislative approval and by expanding Medicaid without completing legally required administrative review. Both of these issues are on their way to the Kentucky Supreme Court. Punishing truth-telling with massive fines is certainly in keeping with Beshear’s disdain for the rule of law, but continued silence by Republican “leaders” should disgust every Kentuckian.

One Kentuckian, David Adams of Nicholasville, is suing Governor Beshear in three separate cases in state court to rein in illegal executive branch insurance regulation activity. He says government attacking service providers for contradicting falsehoods told by regulators and politicians is a pathway to tyranny in America.

“The emperor’s new clothes analogy fits this situation well, but ours is worse,” Adams said. “The boy in the story who pointed out the emperor was walking around naked wasn’t fined or attacked or imprisoned. To find that kind of arrogance and arbitrary power, current-day America may be the only place to look.”


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