Will Kentucky dump its employees on "exchange?"

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is quietly completing plans to throw state employees, including the seven Supreme Court justices he needs to approve his illegal ObamaCare implementation actions, into the state health insurance “exchange.”

State employees are just now being notified of massive premium rate increases for 2014 caused by ObamaCare, and Beshear’s hope is apparently to attempt to capitalize on the confusion of the run-up to the launch of the massive federal program to announce the shift as a major cost-cutting move for the state.

Steve Beshear’s bad faith dealings with the people of Kentucky include violating state law where it limits his power to act without proper approval and then falsifying court documents to hide his criminal activity. Kentuckians of all political stripes must reject his lawlessness. A good place to start is to criminalize violations of KRS 12.028, which Gov. Beshear used to start this whole mess.