Kentucky's other ObamaCare fight

Rolling over Mitch McConnell to force Republican discipline against ObamaCare will not, ultimately, be difficult. Spineless politicians bend both ways, particularly opportunistic ones. Mitch will be claiming credit for the idea of defunding ObamaCare before this fight is over.

Meanwhile, another battle rages in the Bluegrass state. Conservative activists have filed three separate lawsuits against the Commonwealth to halt state activity in the federal takeover of healthcare — and resolution of all three should come just as the Continuing Resolution episode plays out in Washington D.C.

Circuit Court rulings are due out soon in suits to shut down the ObamaCare Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange and to stop the Medicaid expansion. As these challenges have played out multiple incidents of illegality by Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear have been discovered. State law forbids the Governor from permanently reorganizing government without legislative approval, which he has tried to do twice to establish the ObamaCare exchange. Beshear completely skipped the administrative review process required to implement the Medicaid expansion, also in violation of state law.

And the third suit relates to unconstitutional insurance regulation preventing to formation of a free market alternative to ObamaCare whether the federal law survives or not. All three suits are styled as Adams v. Commonwealth in Franklin County Circuit Court. Stay tuned for updates in the days ahead.