Cooking ObamaCare's books in Kentucky

The Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange (KHBE) plans to introduce misleading insurance rate information today damaging the quality of public discourse about health reform and attempting to prejudice citizens’ legal efforts to stop Frankfort’s illegal takeover of healthcare in the Commonwealth.
The KHBE attempts to irresponsibly and misleadingly conflate 2013 small group health premiums with 2014 individual market premiums inside the exchange to falsely suggest that Affordable Care Act coverage mandates do not increase premiums substantially.
“These people would sell their own mothers down the river to distract attention from the scandals in Washington D.C. and the many embarrassing failures in ObamaCare,” said David Adams, Tea Party activist. “This bad behavior can only persist if the people aren’t relentless in calling bureaucrats out when their lies are so transparent. That’s what the Tea Party is for.”
“Corporatist shills in both political parties have remained silent about how ObamaCare exchanges raise costs on consumers by further cutting provider payments, limiting provider networks and drug formularies and forcing people to buy coverages they don’t want and can’t use,” Adams said. “Kentuckians deserve much better.”