Yes, these Kentucky Democrats have Grey Poupon

Paying an average salary of over $120,000 a year for state workers to run a health insurance web site supposedly created to save consumers money isn’t sitting too well with some Kentuckians.
That’s total annual compensation of over 15 million dollars for 119 employees and contractors of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange, created in Frankfort to implement much of the federal health reform law known as ObamaCare.
“It’s a spending orgy, but all the average Kentuckian is getting is the privilege of purchasing the little blue pills,” Tea Party activist David Adams said.
Adams filed a lawsuit against Gov. Steve Beshear in April to stop work on the exchange in Frankfort, which he says was created in violation of state law KRS 12.028 because the legislature did not approve its formation. This month, he sued Gov. Beshear, Senate President Robert Stivers and House Speaker Greg Stumbo for allowing Cabinet for Health and Family Services Secretary Audrey Tayse Haynes to expand Medicaid in accordance with a voluntary ObamaCare provision but in violation of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.