Kentucky politicians sabotage young entrepreneur

Competitors to a growing Lexington, Kentucky company would like to see Wildcat Moving forced to load up their trucks and their 31 employees and get out of the state. Unfortunately for all of us, some Frankfort politicians in both parties appear more than eager to make it so.

At issue is a bizarre Kentucky law requiring anyone wishing to start a moving company to receive permission from all existing moving company in order to join the marketplace. Wildcat Moving is already appealing to the federal courts on constitutional grounds, but the fight should not be necessary.

Senate Bill 132 would fix the law in favor of common sense, but House Transportation Committee Chairman Hubert Collins declared the bill dead last Thursday. Tomorrow is the last regular day of the 2013 General Assembly. Please call House Speaker Greg Stumbo or any other member of the House of Representatives at 1-800-372-7181 and tell them it’s not government’s role to destroy new businesses and new jobs to arbitrarily protect other special interests.


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