Stop 2013 Kentucky Senate cave in

Kentucky’s Senate Republican caucus has agreed to approve all of Governor Steve Beshear’s executive branch appointments this year in exchange for nothing, President Robert Stivers’ office has confirmed.

This will not do. Kentucky conservatives have a great opportunity to fight back against this cave-in mentality and exposing Frankfort’s ridiculous “new tone” nonsense, which is political speak for giving up the farm.

Of fifty one confirmation resolutions filed in the Senate so far, fifty of them are sponsored by members of the Senate Republican caucus. Theone exception is Kentucky’s point person for ObamaCare, Insurance Commissioner Sharon Clark. Republicans are understandably squeamish about publicly sponsoring re-confirmation of the bureaucrat behind Kentucky’s illegally formed and funded ObamaCare scheme, but the fix is in for approval of Commissioner Clark in the late days of the session in hopes sexier issues will distract attention from this outrage.

Senate Republicans have made a deal with Beshear to the detriment of all Kentuckians just to play to the media theme of them being nice guys. Please call your Senator and demand that he or she publicly refuse to support confirmation of the person who has set us up for the massive federal takeover of our healthcare system.