A new opportunity against ObamaCare

Is your state setting up an ObamaCare health insurance exchange? If it is, your local Obamacrats should have a cost estimate for how much their services will cost each year starting in 2015.

This presents a great opportunity for those of us in at least some of the states trying to throw their people in the deep end of the pool. Think about it: no one is talking about the costs of a state exchange versus a federal exchange. We should start that conversation.

Please contact your state’s health insurance exchange and ask them how much they expect their activities to cost annually starting in 2015, when federal funds expire. For fun, ask them where the money is going to come from. (Hint: it’s a tax.)

Kentucky’s projected annual cost is $3o.9 million. I’m filing an open records request to find out what assumptions went into calculating this figure, which should be very interesting. I know they are saying they expect 300,000 people to buy insurance in the exchange. That would be a $100 cost per year per person to pay a web site to sell them health insurance packed with other costs that will be much harder to fight off than this one. And don’t forget that insurance policies sold outside the exchange (this will be a higher number) will be required to cost the same as those sold inside exchanges. Same tax, no “service.” See where this is going?

At this point, we need more people who oppose ObamaCare to realize the fight is not over. Drilling down on costs is a great focal point for the battle going into 2013.