GOP leader can fix Kentucky pension snafu himself

Five state House Republican candidates yesterday urged Kentucky Senate President David Williams to unilaterally dismantle a legislative pension grab costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Chris Hightower, Lynn Bechler, Jason Crockett, Bryan Lutz and Matt Lockett agreed to the following statement:

“Should Senate President David Williams accept appointment to the circuit judgeship in his home district, we encourage him to set a strong example for future legislators by retiring from the legislature so he will not be eligible to receive pension reciprocity he has fought to repeal in the Senate.”
“The honor of appointment or election to higher office deserves to be without controversy as much as possible and we believe President Williams’ leadership on this issue will be followed by others until the reciprocity law can be repealed by the legislature.”
Please call Senate President David Williams at 502-564-3120 and tell him to pledge right away that he will retire from the legislature if, as expected, he gets the judicial appointment and then to make public any documentation he gets from the state verifying follow through.
Kentucky legislators were duped into passing pension reciprocity in HB 299 in 2005, allowing legislators to transfer years of service in the legislature into the pension formula for minimal service in another, higher paying state job for a huge pension boost. The resulting arranngement, called reciprocity, has survived multiple repeal attempts by Senate Republicans as the list of recipients continues to grow.