Kentucky's contempt for health consumers

A decade-long legal battle between the Kentucky Department of Insurance and Christian Care Medi-Share took another weird turn today when a judge announced he would ignore a year-old contempt of court petition and expects the state to file another one.

Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate said through a spokesperson he now expects the state to re-file against Christian Care Medi-Share soon, after saying last week he was waiting for a meeting between the two parties.

The original contempt of court filing by the state was dated July 27,  2011 after Christian Care Medi-Share, a health sharing organization, was found to be continuing operations in the state despite a 2010 Kentucky Supreme Court ruling ordering them to stop.

Under ObamaCare, members of religious-based health sharing organizations are exempt from the federal insurance mandate. Kentucky’s official hostility to this free market activity has received very little media attention, but the uncertainty caused by this case keeps consumers locked into a health care financing system increasingly overrun by arbitrary and autocratic bureaucracy.