Obama got your toaster, wants your bread

You may recall last year Illinois Senator Dick Durbin making banking reforms worse by dictating debit card fees banks can charge retailers.
While perhaps not noticing the subsequent price-shifting by banks and the increases by retailers to make up for the ObamaCard nonsense from 2011, you need to be warned that the 2012 version promises to be decidedly more prominent.
Barack Obama wants your credit cards. Oh, it will be couched in the now-predictable populist language of Occupy Wall Street vulgarians, but make no mistake that fixing bank fees on credit cards isn’t about sticking it to The Man or helping you with more affordable bank services.
Any shortage in fees banks experience due to congressional price fixing deals will only be extracted from consumers’ wallets by other means, just like last time. And the times before that.
So later this summer when you hear Obama stooge Dick Durbin talking about trimming bankers’ sails, please understand that it is you who will be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.
Please encourage your representatives to tell Durbin/Obama to stick to throwing little old ladies off cliffs to make the numbers “work” on his healthcare nonsense and to stop diversifying his efforts by meddling with our credit cards.