Who Will Write The History Books Of The Future?

Originally posted at The Minority Report

It has been said by a number of people that 2008 was the year that Journalism died. Actually Journalism has been on life support for more than two decades, it is just that in 2008 the corpse was finally declared brain dead.

We have all heard the phrase, “history books are written by the victors.” Usually this is a way of putting down history, suggesting that historical facts are open to interpretation. Our American history books, for instance, once told the story of a people who tamed the wilderness, rolling across a vast continent, and forming the greatest nation, dedicated to human freedom, that the world has ever known.

Of course, much of that has changed in modern education. The story of the Pilgrims and their near-fatal flirt with Communism — all working for the common good, each taking from the common store according to their needs — has been supplanted with the story of stupid white men who needed the indians to educate them to survive.

Our modern education has supplanted the genius of our founding fathers in their determination to create a great nation and their crafting of the United States Constitution — the only such document in the world that acknowledges that all power flows from the people to the government, not the other way around — with the story of rich slave-owners who hacked out a country on the backs of the black man and the indian.

Because, you see, history books and journalism articles really are written by the victors, and in this case, the victors are the radicals of the 1960s who tired of their stone throwing and their anti-war marches, put on ties, and returned to the classrooms they had once occupied in protest.

They obtained their degrees in education and in psychology and in political science, and they went to work to change the institutions they had been protesting against — to change them into their own image. While the non-radicals obtained degrees in business and finance, and set forth to make their mark in the world, the radicals stayed in the universities where they found comfort.

They became tenured professors in the very colleges they had once tried to burn down. As “respected academicians” they gradually took control of those department as the older generation aged and retired. The ’60s radicals, steeped in Communist and anti-Capitalist rhetoric, became the establishment, and they began shaping that establishment in their own image.

The radicals took over the education departments, subtly changing the curricula to whitewash all of the good the United States has done in the world, and to glorify any and all opposition to capitalism. Today’s radicals teach that Germany’s Fascism was bad, but pass on any condemnation of Socialism or Communism which have resulted in more misery and death than any other ideology in history.

Once the radicals began setting the educational agenda, and began turning out teachers indoctrinated in the same, their philosophy began filtering down into the high schools, the middle schools, and especially the elementary schools. The radicals understood that if you can capture the minds of the children, you can control them for life.

The 1960s were the perfect storm for the incubation of this agenda. Military Conscription, which saw hundreds of thousands of young men taken into the military against their will, created a natural constituency of anti-war youth, soaking up the hatred for the United States from the left. The suddenly available contraceptives fueled the free love movement, and since no contraceptive is fool-proof, helped to foster in the breakdown of the family.

The Great Society, President Johnson’s war on poverty, removed the father from the family in order to receive government assistance, and one of the great truths was born — “To get more of something, subsidize it. To get less of something, tax it!” The war on poverty subsided the very poverty it sought to eradicate, thereby increasing it, and furthering the breakdown of society.

The radicals took over the soft science departments of the universities — psychology, sociology and psychiatry — turning out learned experts who blame society for the ills of the individual. Crime, they now told us was caused by the poverty in our society. The individual has been absolved from all blame for his unfortunate circumstances. Personal responsibility has been replaced with sociatal ills. New psychoses and illnesses are created almost daily to absolve the individual from any responsibility. Obesity is an illness. Gambling is a sickness. Drug use is merely an understandable response to the helplessness an individual feels when overwhelmed by society.

The radicals took control of the Journalism departments that “report” the news. At one time, a reporter was someone who stood outside of the story, reporting the facts in as objective a manner as possible. Who, what, when, where and why were the operative words taught in journalism schools — or in their predissessor the news room. At one time, reporters learned their craft on the job, from editors who had worked their way into those positions through their own writing skills. When the electronic media came along, those print media journalists gravitated into that medium, providing them with talented reporters who knew the craft.

Today, radicals-turned-academics teach advocacy journalism instead of reporting. Ask any first year journalism student why they want to be a journalist and the answer will unswervingly be, “Because I want to change the world. I want to make a difference.” If you want to change the world, join the Peace Corps — if you want to be a journalist learn how to write objectively. But that is no longer the agenda, or how it is done.

Frighteningly, the radicals took control of the Law and Business schools. Leftists with no repect for law or for business took control of the curricula of both. Too many lawyers turned out today see the Constitution of the United States, the foundation of our nation, as a living breathing document, that can be made to mean whatever they choose it to mean. These radicals are now judicial appointments, re-writing that Constitution in their own image. As judges they now look outside the US Constitution to the laws of other nations to find their rulings, supplanting our laws for mob rule elsewhere.

Radical business and finance professors, with no respect for market forces or Capitalism, have led the way in turning out the business professionals that have paved the way to Worldcom and Global Crossing scandals, and the complete collapse of today’s markets through subprime mortgages, credit swaps and derivatives. Through their complete disdain for the capitalist system the radicals now in charge of the economy have engineered the destruction of same.

And finally, the radicals created entirely new genres of study in the universities. Women’s Studies, Black Studies and Diversity Studies are all now accredited departments at virtually all universities, churning out degrees that prepare students to…Well, they prepare students to hate white men and to rail against society, and to obtain advanced degrees so that they can teach at those same universities, to indoctrinate others into hating white men and railing against society and obtaining advanced degrees…

The radicals have taken over, and are busy re-writing history, beginning with happenings today. Whole narratives are created — Selected Not Elected, BushLied, “greed” caused the market collapse, government is the answer to the economy, etc. By engineering what is reported in today’s media, the radicals are force-feeding the American public on the evils of “unfettered” Capitalism and leading us into a Socialist model that has failed everywhere it has ever been tried.

History books are, indeed, written by the winners. Who will write tomorrow’s history books is up to us to determine.