There Is No Second Place For Freedom

Originally published at The Minority Report

Whether the subject is Nationalized Healthcare, Cap and Trade, The Employee Free Choice Act, The Fairness Doctrine or government bailouts of the banking and automobile industry, the debate in this country today seems centered around individual liberty versus control by the Federal Government.

The question appears to be, whether the American people are willing to cede essential liberties to their government, in exchange for temporary security. Remembering the words of Benjamin Franklin, the result will be neither liberty nor security.

An electorate that has been silently acquiescent of the slide toward Socialism for the better part of seventy years has suddenly found its voice, and cried out, “No! Enough is enough!”

Nonplussed by this sudden eruption of public anger at their own elected officials, those same officials have attempted to marginalize the American people through ridicule and suggestions that they are simply ill informed.

Our public officials are the ones who are ill informed. They are ill informed as to the principles upon which this nation was founded. They are ill informed as to who is the master and who is the slave. They are ill informed as to the entitlement of the public office they hold, and of the ability of the American people to remove them for just cause.

Most of our elected officials feel secure — through their decades long process of gerrymandering of districts to ensure a ninety-five percent reelection rate — in dismissing the public outrage demonstrated through Tea Party protests, and Recess Rally Townhalls.

Buoyed by their pandering Oldstream Media, that feeds the public exactly what those officials wish the public to believe, those elected officials believe themselves invincible toward public opinion. Indeed, most of them are so sure that they will be able to manipulate public opinion in any manner they wish, they believe themselves to be secure from public outrage.

Well, they are wrong!

That same ill conceived self-confidence led to the 1994 Gingrich Revolution that saw the Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives thrown out of power for the first time in more than 40 years. That same arrogance saw the Republican majorities in both houses of Congress decimated in 2006 and 2008 — with sweeping Democratic majorities enshrined.

But the arrogance of power that once took 40 years to build — and which was shortened under Republican control to a mere 12 years — has now, through a clearly Socialist agenda been shortened to under a year.

The public clamor for freedom — in opposition to serfdom — must come as a shock to the halls of power in Washington. The nanny state envisioned by the Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s of this government is an anathema to freedom and to the children of liberty.

Washington elites, and their media lapdogs believe they can cow the masses into silence through intimidation and ridicule.

Once again, like Socialists the world over, they have underestimated the American people, and their determination to remain free. The words of the Bill of Rights might be open to interpretation to Socialists bent upon changing the United States into their Utopian dream, but the meaning is clear to those who love freedom.

A reawakening to the perils of freedom and liberty is taking place in this nation — a reawakening too long in coming — but a rebirth of liberty nonetheless. Partisan party politics has become the rule in Washington — with the American people — and the freedom and liberty of those people — a distant second place.

Freedom will finish second no more. Americans from all political persuasions and without party alliance are banding together and demanding of their elected officials an allegiance to the United States Constitution.

Our elected officials will either rededicate themselves to liberty and freedom or they will be removed. WE THE PEOPLE are speaking. Count on it.

Originally published at The Minority Report