Israel Might Be Striking Iran Right About......Now!

This could be breaking news, or just another internet scam, but according to chatter on twitter at least two KC-130 tankers and an undetermined number of F-16 (possibly eight) have taken off from the Israeli Ramat David Airbase southeast of Haifa.

According to the twitter source, communications from that airbase has been cut off.

While there is unrest in the streets of Tehran over the stolen Iranian election, this might well be Israel’s best opportunity to strike the nuclear facilities that Iran is building throughout their country, and to remove the immediate threat from an Iranian nuclear arms program.

The twitter account named KeeperOfTruth began tweeting about four hours ago with the information that the Ramat David Airbase was on high alert, and pilots were in their planes on the ground.

First posts suggested that the Iranians might be using the cover of civilian unrest to launch a strike at Israel, in unlikely scenario.


# While Netanyahu speaks, pilots are sitting in their Sufas at Ramat David, on ready #iranelection #Mousaviabout 3 hours ago from web

# Two KC-130H tankers are out of the hangers at Ramat David airbase in Israel. Sufas are also lining the runways. #iranelection #Mousaviabout 3 hours ago from web

#iranelection Increasing civil unrest in Iran makes the liklihood of an Israeli airstrike on nuclear facilities there almost certain.about 4 hours ago from web

The latest post, at this time, suggests that at least ten planes, eight fighters and the two tankers, have taken off — destination unknown.


# Nothing from Ramat David but a txt that said “back in a bit”. 8 planes had taken off, 2 tankers confirmed. #iranelection #Tehran1 minute ago from web

# Depending on the route distance from Ramat David to Iran is 900-1400 miles. F-16s cruise 500-600 mph. #iranelection #Tehran24 minutes ago from web

If this is an Israeli strike on Iran, God be with them.