Now This IS Funny -- I Don't Care Who You Are!

I was searching for an article that I did at Redstate a couple of years back — you know what has happened to the RS archives what with RS 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and Russian Judge — so I was using Google “site: redstate.com/dahmich” which was the name I first used at Redstate, when I came across a reference to one of my articles at something called CubaMania.com

Well, someone had seen a humor piece that I had written –it was a throwaway piece that had simply slid down the diary list without comment or recommendation. It received NO notice at all. Except, apparently, by this CubaMania group.

The thing is, they took my post seriously, thinking it is a real news story. Now you tell me, does the following look like a real news story to you?


American “Anti-Freedom Flotilla” Reaches Cuba!

I picked this story of the al-Reuters news wire. You might want to note that only four of the people in the flotilla are named. Among those not named are a current Congressman from Louisina, and a congressional aide to Cynthia McKinney.


(Havana, Cuba) al-Reuters. In a story that has largely gone unnoticed, a group of Americans clinging to makeshift rafts made of cardboard and Styrofoam have managed to sail to Cuba, seeking refuge.

The so-called, “Anti-Freedom Flotilla” sailed from the United States on Friday, washing up on the shore of Cuba just this morning. A leader of the group of five men and two women said they were fleeing the tyranny of high credit card debt and rising interest rates.

The spokesman, Thurley Howell, 42, told reporters that he could no longer live in the manner to which he had grown accustomed in the United States, and so sought a better life for himself and his wife, Lucy. “We had a mountain of credit card debt, and a mortgage payment to make. When I looked for a bill consolidation loan, I discovered that interest rates had gone through the roof,” he was quoted as saying.

Howell, a day trader, lived in a poor section of Boca Raton, a neighborhood of $500 million dollar mansions. “There is just no way I could make those kind of payments, so I decided to come here.”

Wilson Pickler, 50, of Plantation, Florida, says he has been unable to find a job for nearly five years. A former executive with the Arthur Anderson accounting firm, Pickler stated, “There just aren’t any jobs to be had out there. I’ve got skills! I know the accounting business! But nobody is hiring anyone who knows the business like I do!”

That sentiment is echoed by another flotilla refugee, Ima Loozer, a 57 year old former insurance adjuster with FEMA. He says he lost his job late last year, and has been unable to land a new one. It was Loozer that developed the plan to sail for Cuba.

“I’ve seen how our government works, and I’ve seen how the Cuban government works,” he said. “The Cuban way is much more to my way of thinking…as a former government employee that is.”

It was not an easy journey for the group. Making the rafts in secret in their garages using old cardboard boxes and Styrofoam packing materials, several members had to max out their credit cards to get enough materials to make the rafts.

Pickler in particular found it difficult, having had to answer four different credit card offers mailed to him in the last six months. “I can’t go back there now; my garage is littered with new DVD Players and TVs, even a new refrigerator. How could I ever pay for all that stuff now?”

When informed of the American flotilla, Fidel Castro immediately rushed to the beach to survey the situation. “Of course we will make a place for our American brothers and sisters,” he said. Although, he admitted that Cuba had no need of day traders, accountants or insurance adjusters, homes would be prepared for the new arrivals.

“We will prepare a home for them in the manner to which WE have grown accustomed,” he was quoted as saying.

The comments in that forum are a riot. They were debating the question of whether the cardboard boxes would get too waterlogged, or whether styro-foam would be strong enough to hold a person —


Strange story , can we believe this ? don’t know…There were many good things in the the USA , like free enterprise , freedom of speech and many other good things . But nowdays I think it’s a sick community , the average household has a 30.000 dollar credit debt only for consumer products ( no mortages or loans included) , after the Katrina disaster there were for over 2 billions fraudulent claims..I.Understand that some people try to escape from this paradise to another paradise…Cuba

And this one:


card board, when wet will break into pieces in water. Styrofoam will not hold the weight of this many people and it too will break apart. For a group of people so seemingly smart, building a raft out of cardboard and styrofoam…..? And maxing out your credit cards to buy the cardboard…hmmmmm……I don’t believe this story one bit.

Perhaps there is a lesson here…don’t try this at home. And never leave home without your snark tag!