Jay Leno To Do Free Standup Show For Laid-Off Autoworkers

Stand up comedian and Late Night Talk Show Host Jay Leno told the audience of The View, yesterday that he intends to do a free concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills, in Detroit, as a means of helping laid off auto workers. He then released a statement explaining his plan to The Minority Report in order to reach a larger audience.

“I heard President Obama say to go out and do something,” he told the audience. “Well, I don’t have any marketable skills, so I thought, ‘Why don’t I do a free concert.’ so I called The Palace where the Pistons play basketball, and they said I could have the place for free. I then called Pepsi, who is a sponsor of mine, and they said they would come on board.”

Leno is calling it his “Comedy Stimulus Plan.”

The staqnd up comedy concert will take place on April 7, with tickets becoming available this coming Monday. “The tickets will be on an honor system, they’re free, and if you don’t like the show, you get your money back,” he joked.

As word of his generous offer spread, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm expressed joy and gratitude for his offer. She immediately set up a Blue Ribbon panel to be chaired by Lt Gov John Cherry to try to explore ways the state of Michigan could tax the ticket holders. When it was again pointed out to her that the tickets were free, she said, “That is no problem at all. We have a long tradition as Americans of being taxed by our government for nothing. I’m merely exploring new avenues of nothing.”

When told about the Leno free show, President Obama stated, “This is exactly what I have been talking about. Average Americans going out and doing something to make it all better.”

The President then announced a “Comedy Stimulus Plan” of his own, booking Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner into a 14-city tour — 14 shows in 14 nights — in which he will do what he calls “Sit down comedy,” as he explains how the “Stimulus Plan” will, in fact, stimulate economic growth. Like the Leno show, the Geithner Tour will only be free to unemployed citizens, although there will not be any proof of US Citizenship required.

Presidential Press Secretary Andy Gibb told reporters today that all fourteen cities have already been sold out. “The way this economy is going, we might have to extend the tour to hundreds of cities, over several months.

Secretary Geithner expressed hope for the tour. “The truth is, I haven’t really figured out what to do around here, so explaining it over and over to unemployed Americans might give me an opportunity to focus on some sort of solution.”

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