Cabinet Meeting Raided By Federal Marshalls

The nation’s capital was rocked yesterday when a special meeting of the President’s Cabinet was interrupted by Federal Marshalls accompanied by agents of the US Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service.

Led out of the meeting in handcuffs were more than a dozen cabinet officials, including the US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. A source within the Marshall service, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity said, “Tax cheats hurt all of us. We will pursue and prosecute any and all tax cheats to the full extent of the law.”

Unable to achieve a quorum, the Cabinet meeting was adjourned.

Speaking to an inpromptu press conference outside his cell in the Washington, DC lockup, Geithner stated that he supported the decision made by Treasury and IRS officials to raid the cabinet meeting. “Tax cheats hurt all of us…” he mumbled. He did express some disappointment that he had wasted his one telephone call, saying that nobody in the White House was available to talk with him.

“Could one of you guys tell George or James to let Rahm know I’m stuck in here when they talk tomorrow morning?” he implored the reporters present. “Have them tell him I could use a bailout.”

Press inquiries discovered that the President and Mrs Obama had taken Air Force One to dinner in Chicago to try out the cuisine at Chez Tarp, a new restaurant specializing in menu items that have lost their value and that nobody else wants to eat.

Reportedly the Vice President was also out of town, dining at Katie’s Restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware. Katie’s Restaurant is known to be one of his favorite places to dine.

Several members of Congress, including Senators Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad declined comment on the raid, while Rep Charlie Rangel told reporters he had no time to talk as he was late for a flight to his villa in the Caribbean. “Tax cheats hurt all of us…” he mumbled as he rushed to catch his plane.

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