Obama Campaign Files Suit In Federal Court For Trademark Infringement

Ima TeulaNew York Times News Service

The Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama has filed suit in Federal Court in Washington, DC against the John McCain Presidential Campaign for Trademark Infringement in it’s use of the word “Change.”

Lawyers for the Junior Senator from Illinois made the claim that the words “Hope” and “Change” have become trademarks of their campaign and any use of either word constitutes an infringement on their intellectual property.

Reading from a prepared text, at a working telepropter on the campaign trail, Sen Obama said, “Sen McCain doesn’t stand for hope or change. He can’t use that word because that’s MY word. He stands for the failed policies of the past.”

After that speech a reporter asked the senator about the lawsuit, and what specific change Sen Obama intends to impliment. “Uhh, we want to… uh we will change things in Washington. Uhh, change you can believe, ahh, uhh, in.” When pressed by the hating bitter-clinger rightwing reporter, the senator added, “Change… you know.. we will change things. Senator McCain can’t use the word ‘change’ because we got there first. We will change … uhh, you know, we… uhh, will not allow the big oil companies to make profits. That’s a change. We will, uhh, not allow …uhh, drilling for oil, now, uhh, that’s change you can believe in.”

“We will tax the richest people more than, uhh, the rest of you, ahh, umm, the middle class. You know, umm, the other 95% of you, uhh, umm, now that’s change. We offer, umm, hope, you know. Ummm, we offer change, uhh, you know…”

The McCain campaign tried to downplay the importance of the lawsuit, vainly asserting that they were for change as well, even though the Sen has voted with President Bush more than 90% of the time. The campaign trotted out the tired old talking point that Sen Obama has voted with his own party more than 97% of the time, but the Obama campaign dismissed that as empty rhetoric, and so we are reporting it as such.