"Gravitas" (2000-2008) R.I.P.

Originally Posted at The Minority Report

Having enjoyed a high profile for the last eight years, it is with profound regret that I must announce the imminent death of Gravitas, at the hands of the Mainstream Media.

“Gravitas” came to life in 2000 in the early days of the Presidential campaign between Gov George W Bush and Vice President Albert Gore, Jr. Gravitas demonstrated the inexperience of Gov Bush, and his need to find a Vice Presidential running mate with some experience, to add weight to the ticket.Following the election, Gravitas, while often spending long weeks or even months in relative obscurity, was still frequently mentioned in connection with the President. Gravitas experienced new life in 2004, when he was once again brought forth as evidence that President Bush was lacking in stature, not only in the minds of the American electorate, but in the minds of world leaders as well.

Unfortunately, now, with the presidential candidacy of Sen Barack Obama, and the necessity for him to select Sen Joe Biden as his running mate, Gravitas will no longer be welcome on the national stage.

Gravitas has been ailing for most of the past year, as Sen Hillary Clinton and Sen Obama vied for the Democratic nomination. Several times Gravitas attempted to be interjected into the national conversation, but each time was shunned for what could only be termed “obvious reasons.”

Gravitas is survived by Partisan, No War For Oil, and BushLied. There is no funeral service planned, and Gravitas will be buried in an unmarked grave.

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