The Minority Report LiveBlog -- With Authors S.E. Cupp & Brett Joshpe

The entire RedState Community is invited to come to The Minority Report tomorrow night (Thursday July 17 — 8 pm EDT)

In all the change in the past week here at RedState it is possible that many of you might have missed the announcement about the upcoming event.

In an effort to bring you closer to authors, politicians, and people in the news… The Minority Report Network is proud to bring you a new feature called TMR Spotlights™. TMR Spotlights™ will be a monthly (or so) liveblog event with special guests that gives you, the reader, a chance to ask questions and participate with our moderators in conducting the interview.

So be sure to join us Thursday July 17th at 8:00pm Eastern – 5:00pm Pacific for this months installment of TMR Spotlights™ Liveblog Q and A with Authors SE Cupp & Brett Joshpe who’s new book “Why You’re Wrong About the Right” will be the topic for discussion.

This, taken from the Amazon.com website description about their book:

And on your right, ladies and gentlemen, please observe The Conservative (Conservitus Americanus). This fascinating species in-habits vast territories across middle America, but rarely reveals itself in coastal urban areas. It is commonly believed to be uptight, humorless, and devoid of compassion, and is often characterized as racist, homophobic, and highly eco-unfriendly. Primary behaviors include unnecessary warmongering, tax cutting, and gun collecting. For decades, conservatives have proven to be hopelessly un-hip, and their mating habits dull. They are highly feared and often despised, for so few know and understand their true nature.