Time for first conservative victory of Obama era

It’s great to see discussions in the conservative-o-sphere about collaborating to revitalize the movement. A North Carolina Congresswoman has presented an excellent opportunity for just such action by filing a bill to cut off authorization to bank bailout funds that are not already spent.

It would cut the bailout in half and serve notice that we have had enough of rewarding bad management and unworkable business models with massive amounts of taxpayer money.

Everyone in Congress should have to explain his or her position on the current state of the bailout by either co-sponsoring Rep. Virginia Foxx’s bill or by stating why we need to keep the bailout train running.

If each of us reading this hits up the representatives in his or her state for an answer, we could make progress fast.

Here is my first effort in Kentucky. I won’t let up until I get answers. Who else wants to play?

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