Obama: keep Palin barefoot, pregnant, jobless

Sen. Barack Obama can be forgiven for not understanding economics given his life as a “community organizer” and rabble-rousing government employee.

We can even sympathize with his lack of business acumen for the same reason.

But when he tries to pass off a muddle-headed equal-pay policy as some kind of attack against Gov. Sarah Palin, it is out of more than a sense chivalry that our patience runs out.Businesses who discriminate against women in the workplace do so at great risk to themselves. But the “Paycheck Fairness Act” Obama refers to is no more than a slick payday bill for trial lawyers like John Edwards.

Further, passage of that bill will only make it more difficult for women to get jobs because employers will judge the enhanced risk of a lawsuit to weigh more heavily than the risk of hiring a woman if a qualified man is available.