How about some real welfare reform?

Americans who value our freedoms are genuinely proud to see people from around the world risk everything they have to come here for the opportunity to enjoy what we often take for granted.

Few of us, however, include in our definitions of freedom the unfettered ability to live off the efforts of others through welfare and public benefits. Unfortunately, too many of those few who do are elected officials.

For the rest of us, Jenean McBrearty of Danville, Kentucky comes to the rescue today as the author of a lawsuit in federal district court in Lexington. You can get details of the lawsuit here.

McBrearty said inaction by Lexington officials left her no choice but to file the lawsuit:

Dr. David Duncan has been a high-profile voice for fiscal responsibility and public safety. He blasted Mayor Jim Newberry of Lexington for falling short of his public responsibilities in these areas.

The importance of this case will become apparent as citizens come forward and file similar suits in other cities across the state and nation.

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