America Needs Rebuilding

America is falling apart and needs rebuilding.

Some of the things America needs are:1. New roads built2. Old roads and bridges repaired3. A national high speed rail system, like the one in Japan, as a back up to our airlines4. Our major cities, such as LA, Dallas, Houston, Austin, New Orleans, Miami, etc, cris-crossed with rail (subway, light rail, or monorail)5. Our public education needs a massive infusion of money to repair schools, build new ones and pay teachers a decent salary.

If Senator McCain proposed a program to rebuild America, I would suspect that every politician in Washington and the various state capitals, every union leader and every business owner would back him. It would bring jobs to every state in the country, unemployment would go down, and America would get tangible items for the tax money spent.

I am sure you can thing of many more things that America needs and the question you are asking is how we would pay for the rebuilding of America.

I believe that we could rebuild America without raising taxes. We could get the money from several areas. The main area would be to stop all foreign aid. A couple more areas would be to eliminate earmarks (they would not be needed as every state in America would be receive money for worthwhile projects) and crack down on fraud and waste (create a section within the FBI that focuses on fraud against the Federal government and end wasteful programs such as the National Flood Insurance Program).

Since I am just an average citizen, I may not know the big picture, but I bet that every “Joe the Plumber” would back the idea of using our tax money to create jobs and rebuild America instead of buying influence with world leaders. America needs to learn it cannot buy friendship. It can only gain the respect of other nations by its own actions.