Presidential Multiple Choice Test

Here is a fairly simple multiple choice test to see if a person is qualified, or at least not grossly unqualified, to be President.  Mitt Romney would probably get a perfect score.  Even Jimmy Carter could probably pass it.  Barrack Obama would probably get every question wrong.
1.  What is good government economic policy?
A.  Creating an environment favorable to creating wealth.
B.  Spreading the wealth around
2.  You should ____ your dog.
A. Walk
B. Eat
3.  You should ____ a terrorist.
A. waterboard
B. pal around with
4.  Communists make good _____
A. targets
B. mentors
5.  The words to a great patriotic song are
A.  “God Bless America”
B.  the opposite
6.  The worst thing Michael Vick did was
A.  kill dogs for sport.
B.  waste “food”.
7.  What do you say to an illegal alien?
A.  Go to a country where you can reside legally.
B.  Hi Auntie.
8.  In all history, the Hollywood actor it makes/made most sense to have at a White House dinner is:
A.  Ronald Reagan
B.  Lassie
9.  Winston Churchill was
A.  a great man who prevented tyranny from crushing liberty.
B.  an evil imperialist reactionary WHITE person.
10.  Marriage is
A.  a life-long union of a [potentially] breeding pair of humans.
B.  whatever results in the most campaign contributions from Hollyweird.
11.  The 2nd amendment states that
A.  the people’s right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
B.  a woman’s right to have an abortion shall not be infringed.
12.  The 14th amendment states that
A.   All persons born or naturalized in the United States are citizens with rights
B.   All persons born in the United States, except those born alive during an unsuccessful abortion,  are citizens with rights


13.  Since 1959 there have been ___ states in the United States
A.  50
B.  57
14.  Coal-powered generators
A.  provide about half of America’s electricity.
B.  should be too expensive to build.
15.   God made ___ out of steak
A.   cows
B.   dogs