Let the PEOPLE Vote on Health-Care Reform!

The American people should be able to vote DIRECTLY on election day November 2010 on whether health-care reform legislation becomes permanent law.


The most important amendment that could be attached to health-care reform legislation in Congress is an amendment that would sunset all health-care reform legislation provisions and changes on December 31, 2010 unless a majority of the voters in November 2010 voted in favor of making the Health-Care Reform legislation changes permanent.  Who could be against such an amendment?  Shouldn’t the people have a direct say in such a far-reaching change to America?


If such an amendment is added to the final health-care reform legislation, it gives opponents one last chance to stop it, if health-care reform legislation passes both houses of Congress and is signed by President Obama.  Rasmussen reports that a majority of Americans are opposed to changing health care: 



Such an amendment would have several other benefits.  It could be an issue in the 2010 and 2012 elections.  Any congressman who voted against such an amendment could be criticized in the next election for refusing to let the PEOPLE decide the future of health care.  If President Obama does not pledge to veto any health-care reform legislation that will not be voted on by the PEOPLE directly, he can also be criticized in 2012 for refusing to let the PEOPLE decide the future of health care. 


If health-care reform legislation is on the ballot in the 2010 election, it will increase turn-out of conservative people who want to stop healthcare rationing.  This turn-out will help to elect conservative candidates.


Such an amendment would stiffen the spines of Republicans.  Any Republican who was considering voting for any sort of health-care reform legislation could make it clear that they will vote against any legislation that is not conditional upon a favorable vote by the PEOPLE in November 2010.  


If the leftists strong-arm health-care legislation through Congress that does not allow for a direct vote by the PEOPLE it will be easier to repeal.  It can be pointed out that this legislation was done to spite the will of the PEOPLE.  It will also justify using extraordinary methods to repeal such legislation.