I'm voting for McCain - and I live in illinois

I’m voting for McCain even though I expect Obama will carry Illinois by more than a few votes. I want McCain to win the popular vote as well as the electoral vote.

John Pitney, in NRO, discusses the possibility that McCain wins the electoral college, but loses the popular vote, and Obama persuades some electors in states carried by McCain to vote Obama so that Obama becomes the next president even though McCain would have won the electoral college vote in the normal winner-take-all scenario with faithfull electors.http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NjhjMzVjYTZiYzdlNzE1NGZmY2E2MjgxMWI5YWJiMzY=

Also, I’ve read about the possibility of a 269-269 electoral vote tie. In that case the winner of the popular vote would have a strong claim on the presidency.

Finally, maybe these polls are REALLY screwed up. If I can make McCain carry Illinois by one vote, I want to do it.