“…White polluters and white environmentalists are steering poison into the people-of-color communities.” Former Obama Green Czar, (paid by taxpayers), and current racist Van Jones.

 “G-d Bless America ? NO! NO! NO! G-d DAMN America , G-d Damn America ! It’s in the Bible.” Obama’s reverend for 20 years, racist and America hater, Jeremiah Wright.

“Stay home for (Health Care Organizing Day). Call your senators that day (September 11th)…as we fight against our own right-wing domestic terrorists who are subverting the American democratic process, whipped to frenzy by their Fox propaganda network ceaselessly re-seizing power for their treacherous leaders.” Posted briefly on President Obama’s website, Organizing for America .

Candidate Barack Hussein Obama did whatever it took to be elected.

President Barack Hussen Obama is determined to hide his real motives by stealth and deceit. 

Below is what he succeeded at and what he strives for.


Ø      When Obama ran for office, too many of Reverend Wright’s, anti-American, racist and anti-Semitic remarks became common knowledge. Barack claimed he never heard Wright say those things, he was just a crazy uncle, compared him to his own white grandmother–and then dumped him.

Ø      Barack claimed he’d have the most transparent administration in history. Major legislation was to be posted on the net five days before being voted on.

Ø      Obama told American Jews he stood by Israel .

Ø      Candidate Obama appealed to white America as a centrist, post-racial candidate who would be the president of all the people. He would not have been elected had it not been for white voters.

Ø       He promised color blind justice.


Ø      President Obama appointed “truther,” (a signed believer that 3,000 9/11 suicide murders was an inside Bush job), Van Jones, to Green Jobs Czar, thus avoiding Cabinet Post Senate Confirmation Hearings. The WH had a seven page questionnaire with Jones’ name on it but didn’t bother to have him fill it out.  Jones “resigned” and the president insists he didn’t have anything to do with it. Why not?

Ø      He allowed Nancy Pelosi to craft an HC bill that is reminiscent of the Communist Manifesto, only crueler. Then he tried to pass it before America had a chance to discover its unconstitutional vileness as he did with the stimulus bill. 

Ø      President Obama pledged to defend and uphold the Constitution. Now he’s attacking that document in ways that astonish Islamofascists.

Ø      He has dismayed American Jews with his Israeli policies. According to the Jerusalem Post, Ninety-six percent of Israeli Jews think Barack doesn’t care if Israel survives.

Ø      President Obama continually disses whites who go to town hall meetings to protest the HC bill while putting billions of taxpayer dollars into his bills for the felons at ACORN.

Ø      AG Eric Holder dropped charges against confessed, armed Black Panthers who intimidated voters in Philly while he let terrorists loose. Now Holder and Obama seek double jeopardy prosecution of CIA operatives who helped keep all of us alive.

Radical, Racist and Wrong is no way for a president to act 

Jones’ statements were revealed by the NY Times, I mean c-BS, I mean NBC, I mean ABC, I mean the Washington Post….


Are you kidding me? No one from the prestigious American press bothered to cover this story?!?

How the heck did we find out about it?     

Some schmuck with a new cable TV show, Glenn Beck, that’s how.

Amateur that Beck is, Jones was able to easily refute his charges as a “smear” campaign. After all, Beck’s evidence was just videos of Van spewing his racist poison and his signature on the “truther” sign-up for 9/11 conspiracy aluminum-foil hatters.

Think I’m kidding? Go ahead and Google some of the other czars, advisors, and sycophants Obama surrounds himself with: Cass Sunstein, Zeke Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, John Holden and his first appointment to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor.

If Republicans act like Democrats we don’t need Republicans.

Obama has a penchant for making HC speeches that alter his intent. Just like his recent 157,929th news conference/HC speech, he indicted the Cambridge Police as “Stupid” while defending his friend, Hahvad Professor Louie Gates.  HC was put on the backburner while Barack played racial politics cover-up at a beer fest. 

Last night, SC Republican, Rep. Joe Wilson blurted out the words “YOU LIE!” after one of the many fibs told by our Dear Leader. Never mind Barack Obama called millions of Americans liars for objecting to what’s actually in House Bill 3200.

Just who does Wilson think he is–a Democrat?!