Is the Moon a Wi-Fi hotspot?

Well maybe when the first Starbucks opens. They could offer their exclusive “Luna Latte”

Honeymoons on the Moon? “Oh Sweetie I’d kiss you if it weren’t for this here space suit.” Or “We coulda’ gone to Vegas! But no!” How about the disappointed newlyweds who discover you can’t take romantic earth-lit cruises on the Sea of Tranquillity.

Oh well, as I noted in a previous and deliberately mis-titled post (Newt Is Best Qualified), it is the “judgment thing” with Gingrich. He came out of SC with much mo. So then he decides to propose a colony…on the freakin’ Moon. It’s a big idea. Yes Newt so big and so heavy it just helped sink your ship.

Unemployment is awful. Federal spending is out of control. Iran may get the Bomb. But Florida has “The Space Coast” and Newt went for it. Went for it with a proposal that the old Doc himself was able to skewer with the best line of the recent debate when Paul joked that some politicians ought to be sent to our nearest neighbor in space.

Well, it was inevitable. At 68 Newt has not yet learned caution. He even forgot history in this case. His Moon dream reminded me of the failed Vanguard rocket early in the space race.There was ignition, a big poof and a teeny would be satellite left beeping forlornly on the beach.