Scared Mittless

Note: I wish I had thought of the title, but I “borrowed” it from the now suspended Huntsman campaign. Huntsman of course was my  first  choice, but such is war.

Mitt and his Merry Men can’t be happy with Gallop’s latest 5-day rolling average numbers of GOP voter preferences nation wide. Just this week Romney’s lead over second-place Newt Gingrich has narrowed a rather shocking 13 per cent!  Romney led Newt 37-14 at the start of the week. Now it’s a 30-20 proposition. (MOE: +/- 4%)

Gallop carefully notes the latest numbers include only one day of news about the former speaker’s second failed marriage. Paul and Santorum finish the week tied for third at 13 apiece.

When Gallop began tracking this year’s GOP contest Gingrich led Romney 37-22. The Princeton N.J. firm calls Gingrich’s ups and downs “remarkable” and describes the race as one of “unprecedented volatility”

One odd note on Gallop’s latest tracking graph is that Gov Rick Perry’s support was rising on the same slope as Gingrich’s. but of course from a lower number. Was Perry beginning to resonate nationally? We’ll never know.

If Newt wins tomorrow and the national trend continues Mitt looks less inevitable. But there’s that “unprecedented volatility” which continues to be the political big story. Both Mitt and Newt long to ride the Big Elephant, but the ole pachyderm continues playing hard to get.