"He's Truly a Moron...and That's Heartfelt."

He’s Chris Matthews. Tucker Carlson nailed Matthews to the outhouse door early today while sitting as a guest on “Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld.

“I actually think that Chris Matthews may be the dumbest person ever to appear on television,” was Carlson’s opening take on Matthews’ accusation that Newt Gingrich’s smack down of Juan Williams was racist.

“Red Eye” is one of the many programs I record and then zip through during my mid-day coffee break. Carlson’s comments had my thumb on “pause” as I took down his remarks verbatim. The ones not already quoted follow:

“I know him, I know him really well. I’ve worked with him and I can say this with total sincerity: He’s truly a moron…and that’s heartfelt. It’s (Matthews’ dumbness) a thing of majesty; it’s not pedestrian. It (Matthews’ racist accusation) speaks to how dumb he is; He’s really, really dumb.”

We need more of this of course. Matthews along with everyone else at MSNBC should have a Ninny Wing at the Smithsonian as a lesson for future generations.

Said wing could include Eugene Robinson’s bunk in the MSNBC Green Room which allowed him to instantly appear on any MSNBC offering any time of day to offer commentary as vapid as his grin.

Joe Scarborough’s famous Four Topics could be easily made into a 60-second video. The points? 1- When I was in Congress… 2- People like my dad would say… 3- Donny? Willie? Mike? Mika?… 4- In 1994…

Some things just write themselves. Thank you Mr. Carlson.