Perry "Doesn't Have the Brains To Be President" Sez MSNBC Host

Can we all agree that MSNBC is a national embarrassment? The cable outlet no longer even pretends to be a news outlet. It is leftist blather with no journalistic ornaments whatever.

This evening (12/30/11) Chris Matthews pronounced that Texas Gov. Rick Perry “doesn’t have the brains to be president” Further he dismissed Texas with a wave of his pudgy hand. This came during a discussion of the upcoming Iowa GOP caucus. I guess Gov Perry doesn’t send a tingle up Matthew’s leg.

So a successful chief executive of a large prosperous diverse state doesn’t have the brains to be president? This from a man who hasn’t been elected  so much as dog catcher with apologies to animal control folks.

Brother Erickson has raised the question and I repeat it: Why does anyone who has anything to do with the Republican Party appear on any MSNBC offering? MSNBC is stridently hostile to Republicans and conservatives alike. I don’t watch more than a few minutes of its various offerings on any given day. Doesn’t matter. When you tune to MSNBC you are going to see and hear left-wing talking points without the slightest camouflage of journalism.

The enemies of the people according to the neo-Leninist talking heads at MSNBC are the Republican Party, the right wing, conservatives, the Koch brothers and Fox News. These along with whatever the Democrat Party talking points are on a particular day comprise the day to day topics. Yes it is boring and MSNBC’s ratings reflect that.

I think many Republican pols are wising up. On tonight’s “Hardball” Matthews was plainly given the cold shoulder by Mitt Romney (Yay! Mitt!) when Matthews tried to ask  some questions. Chris Christie was a bit less abrupt, but just a bit.

So why not make it official? Republican resolution for 2012: No cooperation with MSNBC. The loss will be entirely on the side of MSNBC. It’s audience is very small and I doubt very much if it is a fertile field for Republican votes.

And if one or more of the current GOP crop wants to call out Matthews and ask for an apology to Gov. Perry; well that sounds like a fine idea. No MSNBC in 2012 sounds even better. And MSNBC can have all the interviews it can schedule with Reid, Pelosi, Schumer et al. Maybe Joe Scarborough could book fellow host Rev Al and ask him to come clean about Tawana Brawley. Now that would be worth watching.