Warming Conservative Hearts Quickly, Easily, Painlessly and at Zero Cost.

Newt Gingrinch is on to something alright. He hasn’t quite gone all the way, but he can prove his love for RS types by doing so. If he does he will demonstrate leadership in the most convincing way: by giving an example, by walking the walk, by struttin’ his stuff and letting his actions speak more loudly than plain words ever can.

Should the Speaker make the smart move I think some of the other GOP worthies just might follow. I hope they do. Perhaps Newt won’t be first even though he has come closest. That would be an opportunity missed and missed by the one who first gave evidence of recognizing it. (Update 12-1, Perhaps Gov Perry might be first. MSNBC as of today is still running a crawler about the governor’s mistake on voting age! That happened two days ago! One good thing though. “Morning Update” ran a clip of Gingrich’s interview with Hannity and blocked out all of the Fox id’s at the bottom of the screen and gave no credit to Hannity or Fox saying only that Gingrich was on TV the preceeding night. They did credit an audio clip from the Hannity radio program.)

Newt gets that we of the vast conspiracy detest the so-called Main Stream Media, the pious pundits of leftist group think, the chablis and brie “serious” journalists who no longer even bother to pretend they are objective.

Gingrich has used the debates to needle the MSM tweedle-dees who ask dumb questions and try to incite candidate infighting. Conservatives watching are no doubt mostly pleased. I have read a carp or two about Newt’s surliness regarding the MSM, but I think the large majority are just fine with it.

The former Speaker surely knows he has absolutely nothing to lose when he pushes back. Goodwill? Are you serious? Whether it’s finally Newt or someone else the lame stream will shamelessly carry Obama’s water in 2012.

So there is nothing at all to lose and much to be gained by treating the MSM “objectively”; that is as an opponent.

Why then stop at occasionally pointing out the obvious? Go all the way and boycott certain reporters, pundits and various outlets entirely. Might MSNBC be an excellant place to start?

This choice would indeed do all the things mentioned in the title including zero cost. The audience at MSNBC is about the same size as the number of folks in metro Santa Monica, and like-minded too. Not too many hearts and minds waiting for conversion at this cable outpost.

From “Morning Joe” to something called “The Ed Show” MSNBC is a boring echo chamber of left-wing talking heads. Palaver is too high-toned for the dull menu served daily. Dull? You talkin’ dull? One of their main staples is discussing Fox! That’s correct. The hosts and guests talk about what goes on at a cable news rival. I tune in once or twice a week. I rotate what I watch. It doesn’t matter. They could run repeats. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the Koch brothers and whichever Republican is making news comprises a good deal of what is presented. Morning Joe himself declares the Republican field is mainly “clowns”. You want to subject yourself to this? Really? You’re a clown?

Other hosts include folks like Al Sharpton, a left-wing street agitator with a disreputable past; Chris Matthews, who famously admitted that Obama caused some sort of involuntary “thrill” to course through his leg and Mika Brezenski who admits getting talking points from the WH while on the air!

So why would any reasonable Republican presidential hopeful get within two blocks of wherever MSNBC happens to be? There is no reason except to be so desperate for “face time” that even MSNBC is a live option. If it’s come to that might I suggest quitting the race.

So there it is girl and boys. And other names will quickly come to mind. Kudos to the first candidate who adds a worthwhile addition  to their conservative credentials by actively avoiding the worst of the leftist-media crud. It won’t hurt a bit and it will help a good deal to start the very necessary task of restoring some semblance of truth telling to the 24-7 media machine.