Marley's Ghost Comes A'Callin'

Tis the season after all.

Like the spectre of Scrooge’s late business partner all of the GOP presidential aspirants have some baggage clattering behind them. Thus each of the Republican hopefuls can be fit for the part by an eager media as well as their various opponents.

Herman Cain’s baggage, make that mostly alleged baggage, has been put on display. Now it appears to be current front-runner Newt Gingrich’s turn to play the part. And, like Marley, Newt really does drag around a long length, a ponderous weight of strong chain and policy filing cabinets, books too.

The MSM wants whoever is the current GOP darling to play the part. And each can be cast.

Mitt is freighted with cast-iron flip flops. You can hear them a block away.

Perry seems an unlikely Marley. He is followed by his record, and his record seems no impediment. Oh wait. Did he once suggest Texas might leave the union? Was he once a Democrat? Horrors! Thou are without a heart!

Huntsman certainly can’t play the part. Ah, but you lack imagination. The chains are there. See them? Yes, he has pretty fair conservative credentials, but…what’s that clanking?…global warming and civil unions!

Ron Paul hides under the gown of the The Ghost of Election Present and suggestions of third party send chilly fear.

There are others too who scurry through Iowa. They like Huntsman and Paul are safe for now. But let them become a front runner and the role of Marley’s ghost will need auditioning.