OK Ladies. A Few Questions From David.

POLITICO’s Maggie Haberman reports that the joint presser is reportedly on. Her source is a tweet from someone at ABC named Steven Portnoy. Thus she upholds POLITICO’s rep for reporting on reports. Oddly in what some describe as a sex scandal the term “joint presser” is offered without apparent irony.

The presser could/might/reportedly involve two or more of the offended fems, make that reportedly offended fems who claim Herman Cain sexually harassed them late in the last century.

Jonathan Martin in a separate piece writes that Karen Kraushaar would like to “band together” with Cain’s other accusers. And  the general nature of these accusations is revealed. To wit: “episodes that left the women upset and offended” These were “..conversations allegedly filled with innuendo..” (DO’C note: Innuendo, you know like the MSM coverage) But not just innuendo. There were “..personal questions of a sexually suggestive nature..” Such innuendo and questions happened at hotels, conferences and at the office, according to Martin’s sources.

And that’s about it. Which leads to my questions. All tendered with due respect.

Question: Have you ever been taken to a movie with sexual content by a male?

Question: Have you ever been bumped in an elevator on more than one occasion by a male who works with you?

Question: Why did you agree to a non-disclosure clause?

Question: Have you ever offended or upset a fellow employee?

I’ve got more. But why bother. This is petty nonsense. Go ahead, cue the outrage. I don’t care. This is an attempt to ruin the good name of Herman Cain.

Empathy? Plenty…for Mr.Cain. For these particular women? Sorry, not a bit. They were paid royally for being offended and upset. Now it seems they want the pound of flesh. They also trivialize actual sexual harassment that causes both men and women a lot more grief than being offended and upset.

As for Ms. Bialek; that’s even simpler. I don’t believe her. Why should I believe someone who has stuck her creditors twice with bankruptcy, has been taken to court many times and teams up with an attorney with a record of attacking Republicans?

I am very happy Mr Cain has lawyered up. I want to see all of his accusers finally get their day in court.

Late Development Dept: AP reports (11/9) Cain accuser  Karen Kraushaar filed a workplace complaint during her time as a spokeswoman at the Immigration and Naturalization Agency.  She complained when the agency denied her request to work at home following an auto accident and also was upset about an e-mail circulated to some in the agency. She asked for a lot and got zip. My favorite part of the report is her response to AP concerning details of the episode. She said she couldn’t remember.