Perry's Problem Is Not Herman Cain.

Nor Cain’s supporters. UPDATE: Tonight’s (11/9) debate was about as bad an outing as a candidate could have. Gov Perry said he would eliminate three federal departments and in what must have been an excruciating few seconds that seemed to take much longer drew a blank on the Dept. of Energy. I’m 66 and know that as you get older you generally gain judgment and wisdom because of the life experience. But the answers come just a bit more slowly. I felt very badly, very badly for Gov Perry as he tried to get it out. But he didn’t, not nearly in time anyway. In the age of viral video Gov Perry’s gaffe is a political catastrophe. Had this happened in the general election it would insure defeat.

Gov Perry vaulted to the top of many polls when he tossed his Stetson into the ring. Then came the debates. Unlike Caesar who came, saw and conquered the man from Texas ambled up, was seen and well, you know the rest.

Based on the little I had seen of Gov. Perry I was excited when he announced. And remember Herman Cain was way down in polling at that time. Like many others I was genuinely taken aback by the governor’s inept performances on stage.

Then came the N[*]gger Head hunting camp story. I immediately dismissed the idea that Gov. Perry is a racist. While I didn’t like his “heartless” comment it is hardly the utterance of a race/ethnic baiter. I didn’t like Cain immediately jumping on him about the rock. I did wonder why in heavens he and his pop hadn’t deep-sixed it rather than turn it over. It’s a jungle out there Rick. Sorry, but the MSM is what it is and Republicans especially conservative Republicans have to be ready for unfair attacks.

I recently wrote a post defending the governor against the assertions that his high-spirited NH speech indicated inebriation or drug intoxication or both. It merely indicated Rick Perry has a good sense of humor.

So Perry is IMHO down but not yet out. I don’t think he reaches the finals, but if he does HE CAN COUNT ON MY WHOLE SUPPORT: MIND, BODY,SOUL AND MONEY. I have a hang-up. I like to win. And as the late Hank Stram said “You can’t win if you can’t forget.” Stram’s teams won a Super Bowl or two. While at Holy Family School I was privileged to be coached by the late George Herrman. One of the many good things I learned from him was and I paraphrase: “Keep your dislikes away from anything to do with our team. Always practice and play like you’re best friends.”

Good advice I think. Some of the recent stuff about Herman Cain strikes me as angry. I think grudges are being nursed. Herman Cain, like any other candidate is open to serious criticism about his platform or lack thereof. But some of what I’m reading here is Chris Matthews style ie twist, distort, shout. It’s in a word shilling. Did I mention immature?

But as for me he too can count on my full support.

And if it helps my first choice is Jon Huntsman for a variety of reasons that seem very adequate to me. But presently that looks like it won’t happen. And I don’t think the other candidates are to blame. As a conservative I’m tied to that “personal responsibility” thing.

Some of what has gone lately reminds me of Communist Party history where various factions tied themselves to one and only one person or one and only one doctrinal positions as correct. Thus there was a purge of “Lovestoneites” in the CPUSA. Jay Lovestone’s sin was preaching that the proletariat in the US was never going to revolt because conditions didn’t warrant a violent uprising. He recommended Fabian tactics such as taking over labor unions. For this he was tossed from the fold of true believers.  Of course from the leftist point of view Mr. Lovestone’s approach bore much fruit.?

So you can’t abide Herman Cain. Okay. I get it. I’ve long since gotten it. You won’t vote for Mr Cain in the primary or if he makes it the presidential. I understand that. I think it’s foolish, but I get it.

I also don’t think you’re changing minds. So I humbly ask What’s the point?