BS Politico Supertanker Now Rams Perry

The BS (Barack Shills) over at Politico now are after Rick Perry.

Didn’t you know he was strangely animated giving a speech last week in NH? Well he was. Politico reports it to be so.

Of course Gov Perry has denied being under the influence of anything. For what it’s worth I’ve watched the eight-minute clip and quite honestly thoughtb Perry was having fun. I wondered where this part of the Texan’s persona was hiding during the debates.

First sign of the coming hit job was tipped by the gang at Morning Joe that concluded the Guv was suffering from a “bad back” These hacks concluded that he was high on a combo of alcohol and pain medication. They actually settled on red wine and Vicodin; just as a joke you understand.

Now Politico steps in with a piece that is pure vapor. They note Perry has denied being under the influence of anything save good humor. They note people who were there vouched for the governor’s sobriety, which of course they find suspicious.

See how it’s done? As Jay Sekelow so aptly termed it these kind of stories make you “box against the wind” There’s nothing at all that indicates the governor was drunk or high. He denies it. People who were there deny it. But Perry was “animated”

So now high spirited fun is evidence of being high period.

The MSM isn’t going to play up Obama this time round. The playbook for 2012 is pick off the GOP hopefuls one by one using the “scandal” card, the “dumb” card and the reverse race card.

Ready for the fight? I’m looking forward to it myself.