GOP Candidates Can Fight Now Or Lose Later

In the Obama tank in ’08 and still crawling around inside today. I speak of the national disgrace called the MSM.

The lame-stream knows any real scrutiny of 44 is not good for his re-election chances. So they have focused very sharply on the GOP primary field. If you’re the current poll leader expect to be mounted on the slide, stained and examined under the best microscope available.

Herman Cain predicted his “high-tech lynching” a’la Clarence Thomas and by golly here it is. Astonishingly, the allegation is even the same:sexual harassment.

I am not going to indulge in the pious nonsense that the press has the responsibility to check a candidate’s background. In a fair game that would be true, but the lamer’s haven’t played fair in my lifetime. It is naive, it’s willful self-deception to believe they will start now or anytime soon.

Have Politico’s same “background” checks resulted in a substantial story about the segregated South Herman Cain was born to? Does the MSM cover Cindy Sheehan since W left office? Were these low lifes interested about making known the incontestable facts concerning the late Ted Kennedy’s leaving a young woman to die when help could have likely spared her? Have you seen a photo of the president smoking? No, not recently. I mean when he was running in the primary. No pictures or video of young Barack taking a drag. Yeah. Sure. Oh, and didn’t our chief exec have a problem with illicit drugs?

Actually I don’t give a hoot about smoking and telling raunchy jokes. If snorting is in the past so be it. Leaving somone to suffocate; well yes that for me disqualifies a candidate for office. But the lamers are looking for mud and will work with what’s available. If none is at hand create some.

Did Candidate Cain offend two females sometime in the past. I don’t know and unless there is a lot more fire making this smoke I could care less. If a candidate of either party hasn’t at least equaled Bill Clinton’s misdemeanors I consider him or her vaccinated. Also the former president was accused by several women of harassment while he actually held public office. Suggestion to Mr. Cain: In response to any more questions about the alleged incident use the following response, “Well, as Democrat strategist James Carville noted ‘Drag a hundred dollar bill past trailer trash’ and you can get anything you want”

My last post concerned out and out racism directed at Mr Cain by an MSNBC “analyst” I suggested the GOP primary folks singly or jointly announce a time out re MSNBC. I was disappointed that no one else commented on “he knows his place” directed against a black man. That is not a vaporous charge of sexual harassment, it is racism pure and simple. Do we ignore such ugliness?

If the GOP’ers want to remain silent and supine about the MSM  they will demonstrate to me at least they deserve the death of a thousand cuts they will suffer. If on the other hand one or more proclaims enough is enough and announces no further cooperation of any kind with this or that outlet he/she/they will galvanize me and likely plenty more who have absolutely had enough of this crap.

The best part then will be showing the numerous exhibits to prove the point.

Will we conservatives continue to argue among ourselves about who we support even as a vicious propaganda campaign is waged against the current candidate field and finally, make book on it, the actual nominee?

So primary hopefuls show leadership. Don’t worry about coverage. That’s the beautiful thing. You do the right thing. They have to pay attention. Then by Jupiter they have to deal with allegations of fact. Allegations against them!