Let's NON-OCCUPY Leninist MSNBC.

Yes, I know very few people watch the home of Mendacious Shameless Nitwit Boring Commentary. But it is one of the Lame-Stream’s go to sources for everything anti-red state.

The Weekly Standard picked up the latest example of the cable outlet’s drek: “Analyst” Karen Finney‘s assertion that Herman Cain “knows his place”. This, she explained, accounts for his popularity among conservative white folks. Finney admitted this was “harsh”, but hey the truth can hurt; right?

It is way past time that GOP candidates and office holders said enough. We are not guesting on an outlet that is a kind of high-class KKK. In particular the entire field of Republican presidential primary hopefuls should just say no to any invite from the various Grand Klaxons’ who let this kind of race-baiting and in the case of the instant example racism go unchallenged.

Herman Cain “knows his place” Whether for his candidacy or not Mr. Cain’s life is the story of overcoming exactly that kind of prejudice. To accuse him of such a mind set is a lie of atrocious dimension. Pushing back and pushing back hard is required. To accuse a prominent black man of “knowing his place” is racist, period. Karen Finney is to use an old term an ignoramus. She is ignorant of the racial animosity Herman Cain faced and overcame with hard work, grace and humor. Yes the same Herman Cain lumped in the “clown” category by Joe Scarbourough the morning smart-ass of MSNBC.

Herman Cain could be the GOP’s nominee. Finney’s comments represent the thin edge of the wedge if he is. There is no place for naked and incendiary race baiting in American politics. We’ve been there for too much of our history. The improvement in race relations in our country during my lifetime has been breathtaking. People like Herman Cain  helped make it happen.

Mr. Cain’s accomplishments are sneered at by people like the Secretary of State who mocks him in front of a corrupt foreign leader. He’s just a pizza delivery CEO after all. All of this gets “spiked” in the lame-stream news rooms.

Herman Cain faces all of this with grace and humor. Humor: wow that’s something new in our current political discourse. Humor in an age so perversely puritanical that taking out a cigarette is akin to reaching for a loaded .38. Herman Cain’s enigmatic smile at the ad’s conclusion says it all.

So okay presidential hopefuls. Either singly or better yet as a group, NO MORE MSNBC.