The Cain Train Is An Express

Now fueled with good news  from out Ioway where the latest poll confirms a simple truth: People like the no bs approach of the gentleman from Georgia.

In the “About” of this blog we learn that we are “happy warriors” and  Herman Cain is politics happiest warrior since Ronald Reagan. His smile and optimism are in refreshing contrast to the long faces among the decline of America chicken littles.

Cain’s optimism is quite contageous because it is quite genuine. He was born into a system that put an 0-2 count  on blacks or “Negrahs” as southern Democrat office holders sneeringly refered to fellow human beings with dark skin. It was a brutal system obsessed with keeping black people “in their place” And while it was de jure in the south it was de facto in the north. I will be 66 on Monday (born the same day the UN was founded lol) and I well remember the pervasive racism of Buffalo, NY where blacks lived on the east side and no where else.

This kind of racial insanity is what Herman Cain overcame. He has a great story.  He is to use a much overworked word authentic. He inspires admiration and trust. Unlike politicians who don’t admit a mis-step Cain quite cheerfully clears things up. The folks want a problem solver and reformer. They don’t have to take Cain’s word that he is both; he has a record of real accomplishment in the real world.

Voters are increasinly wise to politicians who claim omnicompetence. Cain is all the more plausible when he freely admits to  limitations we all share  and sensibly explains that he will study problems, consult specialists and make decisions. That is leadership. Gee, that’s “Leadership You Can Believe In”

I am not on anyone’s train just yet, but if Cain goes all the way I’ll be pleased. Imagine a Cain v Obama debate. The real problem solver v the know it all. Optimism, the kind that comes from within, contrasted with the “sophisticated”  of an elitist. Aman who knows our greatest asset is our individual talent contrasted with the daddy knows best advocate in chief.

Cain may not yet have the money, organization etc., but he’s on top or nearly so in polling. Polling is not an election, but last time I checked the ability to get the most votes wins. And Herman Cain can get votes. Will he tweek his 9-9-9 plan? I think he will and become the more popular for it. Our fellow citizens are sick to death of  the “I managed good, but you played bad” narrative wherein we wasted a trillion but that wasn’t enough is pawned off as thoughtful policy.

I believe Cain can skewer Obama in the general. Maybe his lack of dough and organization will cost him the  nomination, but compared to the odds he has already faced down getting enough money and the right people probably looks very doable.