Morning Joe with Racism and Crypto-Fascism. Ewww!

It was a nasty cup served by the usual suspects Monday (Oct 17) on MSNBC’s early morning giggle fest.

Dr Jeffrey Sachs threw down that Herman Cain is a puppet controlled by the Koch brothers! Yep, those same Koch brothers every MSNBC host/hostess love to hate have been lurking behind the Cain train for at least five years, according to the Professor of the whole darn Earth. Panelist Mark Halperin did offer some considerable flak to this absurdity. Halperin in my occasional visits to MSNBC seems one of the few reporters/commentators who still knows a real story.

Later guest Harry Belafonte who has lumped Cain along with Colin Powell and Condi Rice into a category of what the right-wing sees as “real Negroes” was politely interviewed with nary a mention of the calypso crooner’s race baiting recent or otherwise. That’s right. Deliberate and inflamatory Uncle Tom insults overlooked on what purports to be a “smart” show.  Of course this is on an outlet that lets Al Sharpton rant for an hour every weekday. Yes, Sharpton of the “Aristotle, Plato and the rest of those Greek homos” comment. Sharpton whose vast mendacity is chronicled in “Outrage”, the history by New York Times reporters of the incredably squalid Tawana Brawley episode. Sharpton appears on other MSNBC offerings including Morning Joe and the respective hosts at least pretend to take him seriously.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski in the first hour attempted to defend Cain as a fully-sentient and possibly independent-thinking human as she opined that during the past weekend she had met “some really intelligent” people who think the Cain candidacy may have substance. Her Friday take on Mr. Cain may have been too dismissive, she admitted. I can’t comment because as I say Kukla, Mika and Joe isn’t part of my must see TV. But her comment about “intelligent people” taking a serious look at Cain causing her to pause and reflect is the kind of slip that paints an image worth a thousand words

On the same program Mika’s father, Zbignew, changed the subject to rich folks who earn money through speculation.  If they attempt to hide their wealth they should, he stated, be outed with the publication of their names. Rush Limbaugh had some fun with this bit of deep thinking on his Monday program. Among other suggestions Rush proposed tatooed dollar signs on the foreheads of the “secret rich”.

I don’t tune in often and this morning’s vacuous and creepo  gab-fest gives yet another example of why not. I do have a bet with myself that when I do select  “Morning Joe” the program will be virtually unchanged from the last viewing no matter a week, a month or a year ago. Haven’t lost that bet so far. Whether it’s the adenoid-drenched opinionator Eugene Robinson, the caffeine-gooned Donny Deutsch or another regular member of the clap-trap coffee klatch it’s all predictable.

Not quite so predictable this Monday, but revealing of the way a certain class of talking heads reserves to themselves judgments concerning who and what are sanctioned by the really intelligent one per cent.

It wasn’t pretty.